Love Happens Vol. 6: Embracing Individuality & Authenticity


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Authenticity: The daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are.” Brené Brown

Life is so much better when we love and embrace every part of ourselves. This fact is clear when we look at others who embrace their individuality and authenticity in the most productive ways. So, in this 6th edition of Love Happens Mag, we unfold the stories and creations of innovative and inspiring minds doing just this. Artists, designers, and curators—each sharing their unique personal talents with the world. Luxurious products, services, interiors, and simply Sublime destinations designed to live your best life. 

As in all Lh editions, V6 delves into the social and human side of our theme as well. And in our signature travel section, we indulge in luxury decor brand KOKET’s personal flair as they bring us to three of their most beloved cities, each with cultural individuality scouted with KOKET style. Then back to the cover—a shining star of authenticity and the creative force behind the ByKOKET Collective and Lh Mag, Janet Morais. A woman who embraces herself with grace and glamour, showcasing the power of radiating your authentic self while looking stunning, wearing Rami Al Ali, who you can meet in the issue too!