About Us

My Object of Desire

Janet Morais, the visionary behind My Object of Desire, is etching a unique legacy into the history of luxury.
Through her exquisite Interior Design services, luxury home decor brand KOKET, and lifestyle magazine Love Happens, Janet has the honor of being exposed to amazing artisans and craftspeople around the world. And so My Object of Desire was born as a place where individuals who share Janet's refined taste for life's most exquisite treasures can come to seek solace. 
The online boutique specializes in curating unique collections, ranging from luxury home furnishings to sumptuous works of fashion art, including gold jewelry, silk scarves, handmade bags, and a curated selection of tabletop home accessories and porcelain and glass dinnerware masterpieces. In our pursuit of excellence, we are continually crafting new offerings to meet the ever-changing desires of our cherished customers.
My Object of Desire is the first and only online boutique whose mission is to transport the essence of luxury to those who share their adoration for opulence and the art of refined living along with an exceptional shopping experience. A meticulous product selection and the highest quality customer service cement its status as the preferred destination for luxury enthusiasts.
Within the realm of My Object of Desire, desires find fulfillment, dreams transform into reality, and the pursuit of elegance becomes a palpable journey.
Embark on a love-infused experience to fulfill your deepest desires with us.